Student Wellbeing

We always recommend that parents consult with staff at the Academy if they are worried about their children and issues affecting their education. This section of the website is designed to provide parents with external sources of information and links to provide support and guidance when children are having difficulties with their wellbeing and advice is being sought. The links are ones that we feel are appropriate and have been discussed with the Governors Safeguarding Committee before adding to this page.

ChatStep awareness

Please be aware that Instances have been recorded in some UK regions of teens using a web based chat room called ‘ChatStep’ to communicate and there have been concerns in relation to offenders exploiting this for CSE.

ChatStep enables you to set up an open or password protected chatroom where content is encrypted. Group chats are possible, limited to 50 people, you can exchange photos with other people. Settings are simple, pictures, sound and timestamps can all be turned on and off. There is one tab that if clicked on automatically downloads an HTML copy of the chat to your hard drive and another tab labelled “Report” lets users report chat rooms breaking the law to the developers.

You can create a room from the home page by typing in any name you like, then your nickname, and an optional password. Then, simply send your friends the room name and they can join up. When you leave, everything is deleted from the servers. ChatStep doesn't log messages, images, or user information. All your messages are encrypted before they're even sent.

Group video will be coming soon to ChatStep where you can video call up to 6 people simultaneously. It’s just another example of the increase in ‘Dark Social’ and the technology of encrypted messaging which is now being used by teens.