Our Ofsted Report

I am so proud of my staff and students.

The Academy was inspected by OFSTED on the 1st and 2nd May. This was a very thorough and positive process. We are delighted at the progress that has been made since our opening in September 2016. Please see the link above to the full report. It is fantastic.

There are so many positives to pick out and here are some;

  • ‘The principal and his senior team have successfully created an ambitious and forward – looking culture’
  • ‘Since the school opened in 2016... the culture is characterised by raised expectations, improved standards and strong pastoral care.’
  • ‘Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. They are proud of their school and speak confidently to their teachers and each other. Pupils enjoy coming to school’
  • ‘Pupils’ well-being and safety have an extremely high priority in the school’
  • ‘Parents are supportive of the school’
  • ‘The School provides a caring and nurturing environment in which pupils can thrive’
  • ‘…teaching is effective in meeting pupils’ needs and enabling them to make strong progress over time’
  • ‘Relationships between staff and pupils are cordial and warm. Pupils are punctual to lessons.’
  • ‘Pupils show considerable levels of resilience and willingness to ‘have a go’.’
  • ‘Pupils in all year groups display very positive attitudes to their school and their learning. They are confident and articulate. They are proud of their school’
  • ‘Pupils seize the many opportunities the school provides to help them develop their interests and aptitudes’
  • ‘Diversity is celebrated at the school’
  • ‘Provision for pupils who may be experiencing emotional or mental health difficulties is exceptionally strong. Vulnerable pupils receive strong and caring support from staff and fellow pupils’
  • ‘Pupils are prepared well for their next steps. Almost all pupils go on to appropriate destinations and courses at local colleges and apprenticeship providers’

OFSTED agreed with the schools self-evaluation that to achieve Outstanding the areas of improvement are;

  • Consistency across all subject areas across the school.
  • Continue to improve the progress of disadvantaged students
  • Strengthen the PSHE curriculum.
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We are ‘Good’ school.