Our Vision and values

Believe in Your Best

A Centre of Teaching and
Learning Excellence

A Belief That Every Learner Will Achieve Their Potential and Beyond

Students Equipped With Skills and Experience for a Successful Future

An Outstanding Academy for the Community of Burgess Hill

The Academy - In Three Years


  • A centre of teaching and learning excellence
  • Belief that every learner will achieve their potential and beyond
  • A Culture of high accountability – challenge and support
  • Students equipped with skills and experience which open doors for a successful future; Every year your most important year
  • An outstanding Academy for Burgess Hill
Students Staff Community
Value teaching & feedback / Believe that they can achieve amazing outcomes Valued & Committed to improving practice/ Relentless in unlocking potential / Confidence in academic success / Recognise that students thrive at the academy
‘Positive Progress’ ‘Great Teaching' ‘An Outstanding school for the community’
Positive Progress Top 25 % of similar schools Students making progress in all years ‘Learning Loop’ leads to consistently good teaching Increase in numbers / Parental satisfaction Continued increase in first choices with over over 180 students in year 7
‘Believe’ established for students – values underpin all ‘Believe’ established for staff – values underpin all ‘Believe’ message established in the community
Raising standards programme in place for each year group (every year your most important year) Clear action for students who fall behind developed and put into practice. 'progress for all' Learning Loop framework for great at teaching at TBHA developed to ensure consistency, provide a shared language for teaching and learning and create a platform for creativity in the classroom. Primary curriculum links ensure rapid progress in yr 7. Primary enrichment programme impacts on year 7 intake.
Data drives progress – a new data system introduced and rigorously quality assured: Aspirational targets for all students. Focus on, challenge and active participation to drive student progress. UOB provides enrichment & training opportunities for students and staff
The ‘Edge’ programme to develop Leadership, independence, learning skills and employability attributes. Yearly graduation. Effective CPD at all levels (staff led) & Access to Best Practice leads to excellence in the classroom. Also recruitment and retention of skilled staff Positive marketing and creation of Alumni group raises aspirations and improves perceptions
Outstanding Extensive Enrichment & student leadership opportunities in place. Clear, rigorous and transparent quality assurance to ensure consistently good teaching and progress Parents regularly involved in the Academy and contribute to its development
Effective Rewards programme developed to motivate all students Literacy strategy prepares students for demands of KS4; with support for vulnerable learners. Redevelopment of site and resources to allow students access to first class opportunities
Focus on Key groups – High on entry & Pupil Premium. Effective support for the vulnerable. Leadership training across the academy impacts on progress. Partnerships with Business – provide resource & support
A Curriculum to allow all students to thrive. A five year journey from year 7 -11 Digital strategy to enable students to develop 21st Century skills Active Partnerships with community organisations provide resource and support.