Careers and workplace experience

The Governors, Principal and all members of staff are committed to providing an outstanding programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance activities that satisfy national requirements and provide guidance which enables us to address the careers development needs of all our students.

This will include:

  • The provision of accurate, up-to-date and objective information on opportunities, progression routes, choices, where to find help and advice, and how to access it.
  • The provision of advice through activities that help young people to gather, understand and interpret information and apply it to their own situation.
  • The provision of impartial guidance and specialist support to help young people understand themselves and their needs, confront barriers, resolve conflicts, develop new perspectives and make progress.

The Academy are proud to confirm that we have been reaccredited for Investors in Careers. The Governors, Principal and all members of staff are committed to providing an outstanding programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance activities that satisfy national requirements and provide guidance which enables us to address the careers development needs of all our students.

Outline of Learning Outcomes

Year 7

The main focus of Citizenship lessons in Year 7 is to develop self-awareness and self-esteem

Through the University Game with the University of Brighton, Year 7 students will be encouraged to consider going to University and understand how this is achieved.  All Year 7 students will also participate in an activity supported by Gatwick Airport Engineering where they will build a bridge during their Science lessons.

Year 8


Citizenship lessons will continue to develop self-awareness and self-esteem.

We encourage Year 8 students to consider careers in Engineering by running the Faraday Challenge and hosting a Marine Engineering workshop through the Sea Cadets.  There will be careers aspiration workshops working with selected groups of Year 8 students. Students will be encouraged to think about their future careers with a Kickstart Your Career workshop through American Express and Albion in the Community.  We also offer the opportunity for a group of students to participate in a Motion Capture workshop through Creative Assembly. An understanding of the local job market will be covered in a specialised lesson during Citizenship. We also participate in Digital Day – a competition aimed at increasing awareness of careers in the digital field.

Year 9

Year 9 students will continue to build on the knowledge they have of university life by participating in Fresher’s Fortune – an outreach activity from the University of Brighton where they will look at student finance.

Students will also participate in the Dare to Dream programme with LoveLocalJobs Foundation where they will receive a series of inspirational assemblies.  A selected group of students will receive careers mentoring as part of this programme from American Express volunteers.

Through Citizenship lessons, students will be encouraged to think about what influences their careers choices and what skills and qualities they have. Students will be introduced to the National Careers Service website and begin to complete skills based quizzes aimed at helping them find appropriate careers.

In the spring term, we will hold a Guided Choices Evening aimed at providing students, parents and careers with all the information needed to choose the GCSE’s that students are most suited for.

Year 10

Through Citizenship lessons and tutorial sessions, students will develop an understanding of their choices for Post 16 education and training as well as how to access sources of information to help them in their decision making.  Students will receive guidance on how to create a CV and work with their tutors to create their own. 

Through the University of Brighton Outreach, we will offer a Study Skills session for all Year 10 students aimed at improving revision techniques.  During National Apprenticeship Week, Amazing Apprenticeships will give an assembly to help students have a greater understanding of this valuable Post 16 option.

We will also hold a World of Work Week in the Summer term, where students will have the opportunity to hear from a variety of industries, spend some time work shadowing a family member and participate in workshops.

Year 11

All Year 11 students will be offered a 1-1 guidance meeting with our Independent Careers Adviser, Kate Beecham during the Autumn Term.  In addition, we will hold a Post 16 Information Evening for students/parents and carers attended by over 25  Post 16 education and apprenticeship providers.  Students will receive assemblies from all local Post 16 colleges together with an assembly from Amazing Apprenticeships and the University of Brighton. 

In preparation for college applications, students will complete Personal Statements supported by Mrs Dorgan.  Year 11 students are carefully guided through further education applications which include colleges, apprenticeships and other training schemes.  Parents are kept informed throughout with regular emailed information.  A workshop is held for students interested in the apprenticeship route, together with a virtual parents information evening supported by Amazing Apprenticeships. 

SEND/Pupil Premium Students

Students will have the opportunity to attend the Woodlands Meed Careers Fair in the Spring term.  Pupil premium students in Years 8 and 9 will receive an aspiration workshop supported by our Careers Adviser.  We offer the opportunity to attend our Post 16 Information Evening during an earlier quiet session.   SEND/Pupil premium students in Year 10 will receive a careers guidance meeting with our Careers Adviser and support will continue for students into Year 11 with college applications and interviews.

Whole School Careers Activities

Our careers programme is also supported by a number of assemblies for every year group from local employers.  We participate in National Apprenticeship Week and National Careers Week with a variety of assemblies and activities.  Employers also support learning in the Classroom with visits such as; The Sea Cadet and Gatwick Airport Engineering in Science, The Grand Hotel demonstrating to our Year 10 GCSE Food students and FeelGood Films working with our Year 10 GCSE Film Studies students.

Our programme is evaluated by verbal feedback during sessions, questionnaires following sessions and reviewing the impact on attitudes and behaviour as a student progresses through the Academy.  The impact of our careers advice is measured by tracking student’s destinations once they leave the Academy and comparing with the careers guidance given.

Destination information

The destination status of 2021 Leavers at The Burgess Hill Academy is shown in the following: 

Destination status Total
Sixth Form college 24
Further education 97
Apprenticeship 7
Current situation not known 3
School Sixth Form 4
Not in employment, education or training 0
Full-time education - other 1
Any employment e.g. with/without training or with accredited study 3
Traineeships 0
Other 1
Total 138


Careers Leader

Linda Dorgan

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The Academy welcomes local employers to work with our students in supporting activities in the classroom and careers events.  If you are interested in helping young people understand the options available to them and becoming well rounded individuals, please contact


If students, teachers or parents and carers would like to look at local labour market information, this can be found at Coast to Capital Enterprise Adviser Network.

If students, parents and carers, teachers, or employers have any comments, feedback, suggestions or would like to get involved in our careers programme please contact Linda Dorgan.

Careers Information

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