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Our curriculum is powerful; learning is both the journey and the destination and becoming a well-educated young person is a goal worth striving for in itself. Therefore, our curriculum encourages students to learn for the sake of learning, but also opens doors for their futures.

Our curriculum is local; we value our local area and teach our students about where they come from, as well as how to understand the wider world around them. Our students will leave us as well-educated young people with the knowledge and skills to positively impact their community.

Our curriculum is diverse; it enables our students to widen their perspectives beyond what they experience every day. We highlight a broad range of voices and perspectives, so that our students can appreciate the full range of achievement, creativity and beauty in the world.

We encourage every student to believe in their best, because they have been taught the very best that has been thought and said.

For more information about specific subject areas’ curricula, please contact the relevant subject leader:

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