Curriculum Statement

The Academy aims to have;

  • a curriculum that is ambitious for all pupils
  • a curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced
  • a curriculum that is successfully adapted, designed and developed for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities
  • a curriculum that is broad and balanced for all pupils
  • a curriculum that will enable 80% of students to follow an EBAC path.

Our curriculum aims to:

  • Cultivate well-rounded, intelligent and socially-aware pupils
  • Mould pupils into good citizens, with a sense of responsibility for their actions
  • Encourage resilience and social participation within the community
  • Promote the development of young leaders
  • Allow pupils to develop their individuality and creativity
  • Empower pupils with the necessary skills and abilities to play a full and inclusive role within society. It should be a gateway to opportunity and to a fulfilling and prosperous life in modern Britain and beyond.
  • Provide a solid foundation for future learning at every stage
  • Deliver consistently positive progress for future years with above national average attainment
  • For Burgess Hill students to experience diversity and to be aware of opportunities outside of the local area.


Curriculum 2019/20

Term Milestone
Term 1 Draft Curriculum Intent Statement for SL meeting of
Subject leaders produce draft year 7 and 8 curriculum
Trust 5 – 8 curriculum project
Challenge Partner Visit
Term 2 Subject leader session to review draft curriculums
Staff launch of new Trust wide approach to data and
Individual sessions for subject leaders with consultant on
Primary Heads day to focus on year 7 curriculum
Research into effective homework
Trust departmental collaboration
Curriculum model for 2020/21 developed to include
study skills / EPQ
Term 3 Draft 7 and 8 curriculum in place with maps for
Careers / SMSC / Wellbeing marked
Eng and Maths participating in 5 – 8 curriculum project
Subject leader individual session on 9 – 11 curriculum
Pilot of departmental review ( deep dive) starts with
core subjects
Guided choices for year 9 to increase EBAC entries
Draft 9,10 and 11 curriculums produced
Term 4 SL session on 9- 11 curriculum
Final curriculum produced
Term 5 Curriculum plans published on website
Term 6 Curriculum model for 2020/21 staffed and in place

Pupils seize the many opportunities the school provides for them to develop their interests and aptitudes.