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Welcome to The Burgess Hill Academy, where our foundation is built upon the principles of achieving ambitions, working together, delivering excellence, and nurturing potential. Within our warm and nurturing environment, we foster an atmosphere for every child and young person to not only succeed but to thrive. We are proudly part of the University of Brighton Academies Trust, our unwavering mission is to inspire our children and staff to flourish and achieve their best.

Nestled amidst fantastic outdoor facilities, our academy offers a dynamic setting that encourages exploration and outdoor learning. Our dedicated and hard-working staff are committed to providing an enriching experience that goes beyond the classroom. With a meticulously crafted and inclusive curriculum, we ensure that every student's unique strengths are acknowledged and nurtured, allowing them to excel in their learning journey.

We believe education is more than just textbooks. Our students experience the joy of fun and exciting learning, where curiosity is celebrated, and knowledge is acquired through hands-on experiences. With a wide array of extra-curricular clubs, sports, trips, and experiences at their fingertips, students can further explore their passions and interests, enriching their growth in various dimensions.

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