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At The Burgess Hill Academy, your child will experience an innovative and dynamic approach to learning in all their lessons; a curriculum that inspires and promotes a love of reading. Students will also experience high quality pastoral care throughout their time here. 

Every member of staff is here to support and nurture our wonderful students as they develop and grow. We actively celebrate their effort and achievement.

We are committed to ensuring that every child will leave with the qualifications, enrichment experiences and employability skills they need for life beyond The Burgess Hill Academy.

Open Days 

10 October 2024
18.00 - 20.30pm

15 October 2024

16 October 2024

17 October 2024

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Why The Burgess Hill Academy?

Fantastic Facilities

With state of the art music rooms, drama studios, stunning sports facilities and picturesque outside grounds, our academy has something for every student.

Impressive Pastoral Care

At The Burgess Hill Academy, every member of staff is here to support and nurture our wonderful students as they develop and grow.

Extracurricular Opportunities

From musical maestros to sporting stars, and everything in between, our extracurricular clubs cater to all preferences.

Academy Information

Our Teaching and Learning

We have high academic expectations, and our curriculum is powerful, local, and diverse. It gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills so that they can succeed both at the Academy and in the wider world.

Our curriculum is powerful; learning is both the journey and the destination and becoming a well-educated young person is a goal worth striving for in itself.

Our curriculum is local; we value our local area and teach our students about where they come from, as well as how to understand the wider world around them.

Our curriculum is diverse; it enables our students to widen their perspectives beyond what they experience every day.


Our Results